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The beer hasn't been drunk yet. They used coffee beans to make black ivory. Civets passed the coffee right through their digestive system. Another recipes uses elephant in the same way. It really tastes delicious. A pleasure for the palate. It costs more than $100 a container. Weirdest Beers Ever Brewed craft beer revolution old news, microbrewery make better-than-average beer noticed. They something really unique get name there—and end weird beer makers get noticed. Here strangest beers market today. World’s Most Potent Beer title change every year so. It started Sam Adams' Utopia, clocked percent alcohol volume. Last year, title topped Brewmeister Brewery’s Armageddon, contained percent ABV, week, Brewmeister upped game nouncing new Snake Venom, contains . percent alcohol—making impressive proof, stronger many hard liquors. One bottle Snake Venom run $80 (if it), each bottle warning tag reminding drink much brew. Only Beer Sold Dead Animals If you’re looking something nice blend weirdness package certain catch eyes guests, try getting hands Brewdog’s “The End History,” percent ABV beer released sold absurd price $765. paying potency price: “The End History” special, limited-edition Belgian blond ale. Only bottles were made, were contained taxidermied body squirrel weasel. World’s Oldest Beer Recipe It’s difficult quantify title “World’s Oldest Beer” humans been brewing around 500 BC—before started writing. Since crack open bottle beer dawn time, make can, right now oldest brew yone been able replicate comes 000 year old recipe found Sumerian “Hymn Ninkasi." The beer recreated joint experiment archaeologists University Chicago brewers Great Lakes Brewing Company. To keep authentic possible, used recreations cient tools ceramic fermentation pots, malted barley roof, hired baker create yeast source similar kind used cient times. They refrained using modern cleaning methods clear natural bacteria grow pots. So experiment go? Well, researchers think recreated beer right, found far sour modern day tastes almost tasted more vinegar modern beers.brewer hopes give other try sweet additions time period, dates honey get rid overwhelming sour flavor. If he’s successful, get try 000 year old beer recipe yourself day courtesy Great Lakes Brewing Company. World’s Oldest Intact Beer Ancient brews appealing modern tastes, year old beers? After five bottles beer were discovered shipwreck back 1, four professional taste testers got out.shipwreck dated early 00s , unsurprisingly, testers found beer taste “very old”; thought tasted “acidic” “burnt notes.” While able get hands five bottles year old beer taste recreation brew, salvagers happens microbrewery owner wants work scientists resurrect formula. Presumably new version Stallhagen Brewery won’t taste quite old, it’s hard still taste acidic burnt flavor notes came age well. Beer With Oldest Yeast Strain Perhaps don’t care much old beer recipes old ingredients. case, won’t want miss brews Fossil Fuels Brewing Company, started brewing pale ale German wheat beer strain yeast million years old. The brewery owned Raul Cano, happens scientist California Polytechnic State University. He uncovered dormant yeast strain Lebanese weevil covered cient Burmese amber Eocene Period. Interestingly, modern yeasts consume almost kind sugar, cient variety grow narrow type carbohydrates, creates unique flavor beer. So Eocene Epoch beers taste?Oakland Tribune beer critic, William Brand, noted “weird spiciness ,” received positive reviews critics fans alike. Oddest Yeast Strain Beer Plenty brewers claim little bit themselves bottles, Rogue Ale’sBeard Beer (which covered back September) takes idea literally. As name implies, beer created thanks beard—specifically, beard company’s master brewer, John Maier.company looking new source yeast someone joked Maier’s beard perfect place grow yeast. Sure enough, beard grow yeast—and quite great yeast, fact, created ,000 brews Maier happened present for. Most Spacey Beers World Want beer ingredients world, literally? Then actually two options. Sapporo Space Barley features barley International Space Station.200 limited edition beer released six packs sold around $100 each. Proceeds were used support science education. Alternatively, Dogfish Head Brewery’s Celest-jewel-ale contains dust lunar meteorites. If you’re wondering why company crushed space rocks beer, it’s fancy. As turns out, meteorites ly minerals salts, dust aids fermentation process. Unfortunately interested, get space beer company’s Rehoboth Beach pub. upside, make there, it’s served koozie made same material astronaut’s space suit, least make effort theme. Oh, you’d better hurry want try some, made limited edition batch beginning October it’s gone, it’s gone good—just beautiful shooting star beer. Beer Pre-Digested Elephants Actually, beer itself hasn’t been digested yet. It’s really coffee beans were used special coffee known Black Ivory. Rather using civets digest coffee beans processed, coffee uses elephants. Then, elephants poop beans, it’s made coffee point, coffee brewed Sankt Gallen’s Un, Kono Kuro. Reviewers actually quite delicious, strong, bitter taste followed wave sweetness mellow body. Unfortunately, limited edition treat sold minutes (even heavy price $100 bottle), want get hands elephant poop beer, you’re going get hands dirty start scratch.Most Child-Friendly Beer Hello Kitty created series fruit-flavored brews adorned cute mascot. They come sweet flavors peach, passion fruit banana half alcohol Budweiser. One reviewer flavor “tastes Fanta beer aftertaste.” (Sanrio plans start selling North America time soon.) 10. Some Strangest Beer Flavors Obviously hundreds beers bizarre flavorings, wouldn’t right talk weird beers mentioning few oddest flavors. Here favorites: Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer: Who says need chew pizza? This brew actually made le margarita pizza mash plenty pizza spices enhance flavor. Maple Bacon Coffee Porter:best part wakingFunky Buddha’s maple bacon coffee beer cup. Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ale: Can’t decide chocolate, peanut butter, banana donut nice ale? Well, you’re probably already drunk, least you’re covered Rogue Ale brew. Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout: Yes, Wynkoop Brewing Company specialty really contains bull testicles—three barrel, precise. Oyster Stout: This Porterhouse Brewing Company stout brewed oysters shucked directly brew tank, “silky, salty .” Coconut Curry Hefeweizen: New Belgium Brewery’s innovative brew combines sweetness coconut, spicy flavor curry hint banana. Would guys ever drink these? 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