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Odd weird things find their way in tire. Even a blunt piece of wood can cause a puncture. Nails are another common demon. You can go for years without a flat tyre. Then it happens several times. You cannot fix it yourself. A specialist is needed. Get your hands dirty. Take the wheel off the vehicle, put it in the trunk and take it down the road. Most Ridiculous Things People Found Inside Car Tires BY NATASHA BROWN – ON OCT , IN CAR CULTURE Flat tires common car problems, fact happen pretty frequently doesn’t make them less noying! United States, seven tires puncture every second adding eye-watering million flat tires every year. On average, motorists experience five flat tires lifetime. That why learning change tire important skills motorist learn – luckily, straightforward, needing few tools much brute strength imagine. Motorists save themselves lot money lot embarrassment learning basic repair themselves, rather calling AAA something straightforward. There lots reasons why tires flat puncture, over-filling air problems leaking valve. However, far common cause sharp object road, pierces rubber, sometimes causing slow leak air, more dramatic cases, instigating tire blowout – potentially dangerous state affairs easily lead driver losing control vehicle. Punctures nails, screws, bits broken glass ten penny, sometimes flats caused more unusual items, list strange found tires demonstrates. Continue Scrolling To Keep Reading Click button start article quick view START NOW ADVERTISING 19 COIN Via videoblocks.com “Find penny, pick up, day long you’ll good luck.” So goes old saying finding coins lying sidewalk, coins lying road ything good luck motorists. think coins, harmless-looking round edges, able much damage thick rubber car tires, motorist found hard way simply isn’t true. They took tire local repair shop afflicted mystery puncture, mechanics found quarter buried deep tire’s surface. 18 WHEEL FROM BABY STROLLER Via thebump.com If motorist found dog’s tooth embedded his car’s tire shocked, car owner discovered his puncture caused rubber wheel child’s stroller must been completely bemused. How something completely round edges cause flat tire first place?car wheel must hit stray stroller wheel wrong gle, embed itself surface rubber breaking apart causing slow puncture – although, given size stroller wheels, chances driver felt presence, long noticed tire deflating! ADVERTISING 17 BULLET Via youtube.com You think it’s motorists living less salubrious parts toughest cities worry getting flat tire stray bullet – bullets don’t moving them damage car’s wheels cause puncture. Drive around areas hunting takes place odd spent bullet lying roadside. When bullets roll carriageway, easily wedge themselves tread rubber, starting slow puncture – costing owner new tire end! 16 QUARTER-INCH WRENCH Via besttorquewrenches.com Punctures don’t always happen car speeding highway, flat tire isn’t always someone else’s fault. One motorist discovered his tires going flat soon found cause quarter-inch wrench managed embed itself rubber. What’s worse, soon realized wrench actually his own damage must been caused drove his own garage perhaps his driveway. Not driver pay new tire, buy new wrench make sure his set complete. ADVERTISING 15 STEAK KNIFE Via kitchenstuffplus.com This next strange item didn’t cause slow puncture, actually managed rip rubber tire shreds short time. How why steak knife lying road question other time – perhaps local police – drive car unlucky item wedged surface tire accidentally. Or accident? After all, steak knives seem common weapon choice people decided slash tires sort revenge scheme. 14 RAZOR Via irongate.site Like motorists se tires been destroyed steak knives, reasonable chance car owner discovered buried his tire victim deliberate attack. At same time, thrown away trash every day, offending item easily been accidentally picked up. Either way, sharp razor blade made mincemeat tire’s rubber, wedging itself gap tread, creating large unfixable hole.driver choice splash cash le new tire. ADVERTISING 13 SHRAPNEL Via af.mil Naturally, car unlucky enough caught middle actual blast, shrapnel ends buried tires going least worries! However, surprisingly large amount bomb shrapnel still lying around roadside Europe areas been relatively recent conflicts. People still finding unexploded bombs parts Europe, unstable extremely dangerous, maybe piece stray historic shrapnel causing puncture serious issue, grand scheme s. 12 COAT HANGER Via movahed.co Every home collection old misshapen wire coat hangers kind ymore hanging clothes people don’t ever remember came from. Sometimes, poor unwanted wire hangers thrown trash recycled, sometimes end side road, lying wait innocent motorist pass by. Yes, amazingly driver managed puncture hook part hanger penetrated rubber his tire, leaving him dragging rest hanger noisily road. ADVERTISING 11 DRILL BIT Via jamessmithfencing.co.uk Like quarter-inch wrench earlier list, other strange item found tire probably more likely been picked home workshop. drill bits roadside, more likely dropped shelves tools kept garage. Still, given drill bits generally quite dull – power drill itself, all, forces them break tough surfaces – motorist se flat tire caused stray drill bit unlucky. 10 DOG'S TOOTH Via wideopenpets.com Dogs notorious chasing s, cats, dogs , course, cars. They seem particularly interested car tires, enjoying snapping biting car motion parked minding own business. Hundreds people come back vehicles mysterious puncture, eventually established neighborhood pooch responsible. In case, however, much easier owner car identify culprit, dog left teeth behind, embedded rubber surface tire. ADVERTISING 9 DEER ANTLERS Via theengineer.co.uk Anyone ever close contact deer tlers probably surprised cause flat tire. These tough appendages are, all, designed used combat stags, pretty tough – often intimidating-looking sharp points edges. Nevertheless, motorist decided investigate why his tires appeared deflating, expect piece deer tler still last expecting protruding rubber tread his wheel. 8 BICYCLE PEDAL Via livestrong.com Some drivers ended flat tires colliding deer somewhere country, motorist found pedal cycle stuck rubber surface his wheel must moment doubt, trying remember hit cyclist noticed! It’s more likely, however, pedal worked way loose lie side road, poor driver ended expensive flat tire driving wrong place, wrong way wrong time. ADVERTISING 7 PORCUPINE QUILLS Via bransonswildworld.com While car punctures caused man-made materials – glass, nails, screws tools – seem plenty corners natural world tires. We already seen twigs, mesquite thorns deer tlers managed puncture car tires, guessed porcupine quills were sharp enough (and strong enough) pierce way thick, tough rubber wheels? Each porcupine quill barbs first mm tip, backward facing hooks make quills difficult remove causing more damage. 6 KEYS Via etyres.co.uk A word caution careful drop house keys around car, been several cases innocent-looking items actually managed cause flat tire. It seem impossible – all, keys should lie flat floor – easily kicked driveway front tires, force them speed rubber rear wheels. Keys used deliberately puncture tires, you’d need fair amount elbow grease force key rubber, more likely unlikely accident. ADVERTISING 5 HAMMER Via oldhandtools.co.uk It somehow unfair many tools end actually damaging car tires. Most people spend lot money buy good-quality tools going keep car running well, action. If tool looks almost designed cause punctures, however, old-fashioned claw hammer. tough claw end more strong enough embed itself rubber, cause tire deflate – notice hammer stuck tire long noticed wheel gone flat! 4 PEN Via neogaf.com Most people carry disposable pens around pockets purses – many pens end dropped floor. They unattractive, no-one think cheap, throwaway pens pose kind hazard passing traffic. And yet few motorists noticed tires appears deflating taken car repair shop inspected themselves inner part pen, metal tip plastic tube ink, actually managed pierce rubber, cause slow puncture. ADVERTISING 3 SPARK PLUG Via audizine.com Spark plugs essential component car’s engine, creating spark electricity needed create ignition start car’s combustion engine. Replacing them easiest car repair jobs, many people end doing swap themselves. It somewhat ironic, therefore, motorist ended slow puncture result old spark plugs being dropped floor home garage. Spark plugs aren’t particularly sharp, car must have been driven particular way end puncturing tire. 2 MESQUITE THORNS Via rtecx.com The items list far strange tire could, theory, end yone’s car tires, ywhere world. However, threats car tires geographically specific, thorns mesquite plant those. These particularly sharp tough thorns pose quite threat tires areas grows, northern parts Mexico across border Texas, California, Utah far Kansas. Thorns grow three inches length, explains why easy puncture tires. ADVERTISING 1 TWIG Via prezi.com It mystery steak knives razor blades ended someone’s tires, least mystery tough sharp items managed cause much damage. Yet sometimes, tires end ripped shreds something perfectly innocent items more obviously damaging. One motorist noticed his car developed flat tire astonished his puncture been caused nothing more sinister piece wood – piece particularly long sharp that. Sources: driversedguru.com, evanstire.com, Toyota-4runner.org, bbc.co.uk, autoexpress.co.uk SHARE TWEET COMMENT EMAIL COPY LINK https://www.hotcars.com/strange-things-found-in-tires/ More Car Culture 10 Things To Look For On Vehicle History Report 10 Vehicles To Trade Your American Muscle Car For BMW Hydrogen Next Debuts Frankfurt Motor Show The All-Electric Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro Concept Foreshadows Future Audi SUVs 10 Best High-Tech Cars Of 10 Best Wedge Era Car Designs, Ranked Coolest Shelby Cars (& Just Weren't Right) 10 Best Car Wash Soaps & Shampoos
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